Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The project continues. February 18/ 2017.   As of February 2017 there were 338 individuals who have been tested their DNA as part of this study.
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The May DNA project continues.    I have made new charts based on more information. We have 313 May surnamed participants.
We have identified 30 unrelated May families as of Dec 30 2015 and about 60 single tests.

This is the May DNA project web page.

Monday, December 3, 2012

11 haplotype "I" May families

MAY surnamed DNA families
Haplotype "I"
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The second largest Haplotype group in our MAY DNA project, is "I"

This Haplotype, as the MAY "R1b" is also quite common in Europe.    Specially on the Scandinavian and German areas.      And in the east coast of both the Irish and British islands.  Likely to the invasions from that side of Europe.

In England is found frequently in areas that were under the Danelaw.  

The distribution of Haplotypes on May surname is as follows:

I personally tested my DNA, with Family tree DNA ...and the results are from them.
However, I also tested with Oxford Ancestors and Sorenson Genealogical Genetics.
 There I found a few more May surnamed DNA that I included.

Besides the fact that some of the DNA markers are different

There is no way to comunicate with them, however, if you visit smgf website, their results are linked to their family trees, if you are familiar with your family and the information matches, you may look into it (they will be posted later).

Here some of the charts I made.    In the beginning DNA tests had only 10 Markers, then it went to 12, up to 25, then up to 37...up again to 67 and today is 111.

This charts I made with 12, are interesting, however, it will make you match so many people in the Databases.    People with Haplotype "I" are related to all the descendants of the first "I"

We suggest, if you are contemplating joining us in our project to go for at least 32 marker test.

Here you can see how close or far is each family.   family 21, has 5 tests....or family 76 only one.    Or how close 56 is to 68 and 36.

In this chart, you can see in the right bottom corner several at a distance of 450 years.

Charts of MAY surname DNA 
Haplotype "I" at 25 markers
Notice, test 1A and 68 are far from the center group
below details of the center area of the chart. 

 This is a chart of the DNA markers used for the comparison.
 Next is an estimate of how long ago, two different individuals, may have had a common ancestor.   As a rule, they mentioned about a mutation (a number change, up or down) every 150 years.    Between, my distant cousin and I (7 generations apart) we have one mutation on 37.    Our common ancestor lived from 1755 to 1815.
 This chart is another way at looking at the results
11 MAY surnamed Families
Index cards
DNA Haplotype "I"

On the left side, the information or May family description as it is in the DNA project website.
On the right side, May surnamed individuals listed in Chronological order, from all the test of the group

Family 56

Family 25

Family 68

Family 9

Family 98
Family 113
Family 1A

Family 21

Family 13
Family 36
Family 76

Sunday, December 2, 2012

MAY DNA families 52-34-11-99-4A-44-19-63-66-3-88-87-97-18-28-8

16 MAY surnamed families with R1b DNA

Through DNA we have identified 40+ May surnamed Families.   
Of these, 20 are Haplogroup R1b.   (there is a chart in previous blog post)

The index cards, for this May families 16 are listed in here and 4 in the previous blog post

Just to give a perspective.    R1b haplogroup, is quite common on the Atlantic area of Europe. 
It was found from what today is Spain, France, up to the British Isles.    And from there, to the center of the continent...up to Germany and Switzerland.       In areas as the West of Ireland and West of England and Scotland, is up to 98% of todays population.      Now days, the test is able to identify more branches and R1b is sort of a  general group who are the descendants of a very distant Ancestor.

The Family number
All May surnamed participants on the MAY DNA project are assigned a number, as they joined.    I am following that number.      When you look for the results of your DNA, they will have information about other May families you Matched.    The number of your "MAY family DNA group" is the Lowest number, or the number of the first person who tested for his group. 

To the best of my ability, there are in DNA Marker order (I will post a chart of it later).   

                                        Family 52
 Family 34

                                     Family 11

                                        Family 99

                                      Family 4A

                                     Family 44
                                    Family 19
                                   Family 63
                                   Family 66

                                   Family 3
This is my own May family.    I decided to go for a Deep Clade DNA test, and it indicated that there was an ancestor in the North Atlantic part of the Irish Island....about 5 thousand years ago.

Other test from other May surname and non May, that matched our family also have family history of being from Ireland from the 1850th's.    As our family, still one of the oldest  and we were in Virginia since 1780, this only indicates, that there were recent family in Ireland.

                                      Family 88
                                   Family 87

Family 97
                                         Family 18
                                          Family 28
                                         Family 8 


Friday, November 30, 2012

May families 2,91,12,14 DNA R1b

DNA signatures of people with the MAY last name.     

(18 pages in this post)   Family 2, Family 91, Family 12 and Family 14

This is Y-DNA test, and is passed from father to son  

I started working on this, sort of Index cards, using the information on the DNA web site. 
This in 2006, and it took about a couple of months.    You can check the source information at 

Mark May has been our webmaster.  

I would like to mention, I am not a scientist expert on DNA.    My day job is as a Cartoonist.   I have worked in the Animation industry for many years.    In New York, Germany and Los Angeles.    And in Advertising agencies in Guatemala.      English is not my first language, so you may find some errors here and there.

The cover:

The Haplogroup distribution of MAY families

Breakdown of DNA families by DNA signature and also earliest date of known ancestor

Description of the Index cards

Here I think I have to make some notes.   The number besides the name is the test name from the May DNA reconstruction Website
Date of birth, place, state and country is as indicated in the description provided
Page number, is the Index page or card.    I did separate each Haplogroup, so there is a R1b page 1,
and a Haplogroup I page 1.    And I will be adding them as the days go by.


Family 2

On the left, the description provided by each participant, on the right, I took the names of the ancestors mentioned
And placed them in a timeline, from the Earliest of each DNA family.
In general I consider a May family validated if there is beside the DNA match a Paper trail.
And a cluster, when there is only a DNA match

    Family 91
Family 12

Family 14

Will continue on the next post......